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The Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, or simply the Campbell Bowl, is a National Hockey League trophy awarded to the Western Conference playoff champions.[1] It is named after Clarence S. Campbell, who served as President of the NHL from 1946–47 to 1976–77. The trophy itself is constructed of sterling silver, crafted in 1878.[1] The Nashville Predators are the current holders of the trophy after winning the 2017 Western Conference Final.


1 History 2 Winners

2.1 West Division regular season champions (1967–74) 2.2 Campbell Conference regular season champions (1974–81) 2.3 Campbell Conference playoffs champions (1981–93) 2.4 Western Conference playoffs champions (1993–present)

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Henrik Sedin of the 2011 Western Conference champion Vancouver Canucks accepts the Campbell Bowl

The Clarence S. Campbell Bowl was donated by the NHL's clubs in recognition of the contributions and services of its namesake, the League President at the start of the Modern Era expansion. Throughout its history it has been a parallel to the Prince of Wales Trophy, using the same criteria in the opposite competitive grouping. From its inception in the 1967–68 season through to 1973–74 it was awarded to the first-place finisher in the West Division during the regular season.[1] With NHL realignment in 1974–75, it was given to the team with the best regular-season record in the Campbell Conference (the successor to the West Division) through the 1980–81 season.[1] Beginning with the 1981–82 season, it switched to the Campbell Conference playoff champions, and since the 1993–94 season, when the Campbell Conference became the Western Conference, has gone to the Western Conference playoff champions.[1] A traditional superstition that is prevalent among many of today's NHL players is that no player should either touch or hoist the Campbell (Western Conference champion) or Prince of Wales (Eastern Conference champion) trophies after they have won the conference playoffs; these players feel that the Stanley Cup is the true championship trophy and thus it should be the only trophy that they should be hoisting. Instead of touching the conference trophy, the captain of the winning team merely poses (usually looking solemn) with the trophy, and sometimes, the entire team poses as well. There have been other teams, however, that have ignored the superstition and hoisted the conference trophy and then went on to win the Cup anyway.[2][3] Winners[edit]

Total awards won

Wins Team

7 Chicago Blackhawks

Edmonton Oilers

6 Detroit Red Wings

Philadelphia Flyers

3 Calgary Flames

Minnesota/Dallas (North) Stars

Los Angeles Kings

New York Islanders

Vancouver Canucks

2 Anaheim (Mighty) Ducks

Colorado Avalanche

St. Louis Blues

1 Nashville Predators

San Jose Sharks


^ = Year clinched to lead years won ¤ = Year clinched to consecutively lead years won † = Eventual Stanley Cup champions

West Division regular season champions (1967–74)[edit]

Season Winner Win #

1967–68 Philadelphia Flyers ^ ¤ 1

1968–69 St. Louis Blues 1

1969–70 St. Louis Blues ^ ¤ 2

1970–71 Chicago Black Hawks 1

1971–72 Chicago Black Hawks 2

1972–73 Chicago Black Hawks ^ ¤ 3

1973–74 Philadelphia Flyers † 2

Campbell Conference regular season champions (1974–81)[edit]

Season Winner Win #

1974–75 Philadelphia Flyers † 3

1975–76 Philadelphia Flyers ^ 4

1976–77 Philadelphia Flyers ¤ 5

1977–78 New York Islanders 1

1978–79 New York Islanders 2

1979–80 Philadelphia Flyers 6

1980–81 New York Islanders † 3

Campbell Conference playoffs champions (1981–93)[edit]

Season Winner Win #

1981–82 Vancouver Canucks 1

1982–83 Edmonton Oilers 1

1983–84 Edmonton Oilers † 2

1984–85 Edmonton Oilers † 3

1985–86 Calgary Flames 1

1986–87 Edmonton Oilers † 4

1987–88 Edmonton Oilers † 5

1988–89 Calgary Flames † 2

1989–90 Edmonton Oilers † 6

1990–91 Minnesota North Stars 1

1991–92 Chicago Blackhawks 4

1992–93 Los Angeles Kings 1

Western Conference playoffs champions (1993–present)[edit]

Season Winner Win #

1993–94 Vancouver Canucks 2

1994–95 Detroit Red Wings 1

1995–96 Colorado Avalanche † 1

1996–97 Detroit Red Wings † 2

1997–98 Detroit Red Wings † 3

1998–99 Dallas Stars † 2

1999–2000 Dallas Stars 3

2000–01 Colorado Avalanche † 2

2001–02 Detroit Red Wings † 4

2002–03 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1

2003–04 Calgary Flames 3

2004–05 No winner because of the 2004–05 NHL lockout Season canceled

2005–06 Edmonton Oilers ^ 7

2006–07 Anaheim Ducks † 2

2007–08 Detroit Red Wings † 5

2008–09 Detroit Red Wings 6

2009–10 Chicago Blackhawks † 5

2010–11 Vancouver Canucks 3

2011–12 Los Angeles Kings † 2

2012–13 Chicago Blackhawks † 6

2013–14 Los Angeles Kings † 3

2014–15 Chicago Blackhawks † 7

2015–16 San Jose Sharks 1

2016–17 Nashville Predators 1

See also[edit]

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Clarence S. Campbell Bowl history at NHL.com Clarence S. Campbell Bowl profile at Legends of Hockey.net

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