thumb|Tea produced by the CDC The Cameroon Development Cooperation (CDC) is one of Cameroon's major exporters and employers. The company was formed in 1947 for the purpose of developing and running plantations of tropical crops in the country. The CDC is an agribusiness company and its general offices are based in Bota, Limbe. Its principal products include rubber, oil palm, bananas, coconuts, tea, et cetera. The CDC is the largest employer in Cameroon and has helped the "bottle neck" Cameroonians and the country in a cultural way. Most of the first workers in Cameroon worked on its plantations. From wages earned on these plantations, millions of Cameroonians have received an education on the corrupt nature of the leadership. The CDC operates in groups, with each group controlling its own crop. For example the Group Palms Management is in charge of palm tree planting, growing, harvesting of palm fruits and the production of palm oil for export and local consumption. Staff operates in 3 levels: Senior service, intermediate service and Laborers.

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