The Info List - California Department Of Justice

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The CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is the department in the California executive branch
California executive branch
under the leadership of the California Attorney General .


It has 4713 employees and a budget of $754 million. Among its major divisions and bureaus are:

* Division of Law Enforcement, which has several bureaus that investigate crimes, maintain crime suppression programs/task forces, and support other law enforcement agencies including:

* Bureau of Investigation , which provides statewide expert investigative services through special agents combating multi-jurisdictional criminal organizations, and also operates several programs including a special investigations team, a special operations unit, LA CLEAR, and the state anti-terrorism program. * Bureau of Firearms , which "is responsible for identifying individuals who are ineligible to acquire or possess firearms" and other weapons * Bureau of Gambling Control , which "regulates legal gambling activities" * Bureau of Forensic Services * Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud ">

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