Joaquin Chipeco, Jr.

Elected Mayor

Justin Marc SB. Chipeco

Local elections were held in Calamba City on May 13, 2013, within the Philippine general election, for posts of the mayor, vice mayor and ten councillors.


The incumbent mayor, Joaquin "Jun" Chipeco, Jr., decided to run for the position of representative of the 2nd District of Laguna under the Liberal Party. His son, Justin Marc SB Chipeco, the incumbent Laguna's 2nd district representative ran for mayor of Calamba under Nacionalista Party. His opponent was the former vice-mayor Severino Lajara under PDP-Laban.


The candidates for mayor and vice mayor with the highest amount of votes win. They are voted for separately. Therefore, they may be of different parties when elected.

Mayoral and vice mayoral elections

Calamba City mayoralty election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Justin Marc Chipeco 66,802 47.44
PDP-Laban Severino Lajara 63,145 44.84
Makabayan Joel Paner 4,676 3.32
Independent Lito Teves 234 0.17
Margin of victory 3,657 2.60%
Invalid or blank votes 5,966 4.23
Total votes 140,823 100.00
Calamba City vice mayoralty election
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Roseller Rizal 67,278 47.77
PDP-Laban Angelito Lazaro, Jr. 58,078 41.23
Margin of victory 9,200 6.53%
Invalid or blank votes 15,490 11.00
Total votes 140,846 100.00

City Council elections

Voters elected ten councilors to comprise the City Council or the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Candidates are voted for separately so winning candidates may come from different political parties. The ten candidates with the highest number of votes win the seats.

2013 Calamba City Council
Party Candidate Votes %
Nacionalista Edgardo H. Catindig 91,967 9.17
Nacionalista Ruth M. Hernandez 86,823 8.65
Nacionalista Moises E. Morales 79,119 7.89
PDP-Laban Peewee P. Perez 71,938 7.17
Nacionalista Leeanne P. Aldabe 70,490 7.03
PDP-Laban Christian Niño S. Lajara 67,410 6.72
Nacionalista Luis Vergel G. Baroro 61,884 6.17
PDP-Laban Maria Virginia A. Alcasid 61,083 6.09
Nacionalista Jose Morel DC Manaig 56,200 5.60
Nacionalista Santiago O. Atienza 50,556 5.04
Nacionalista Juan C. Lazaro 48,015 4.79
Nacionalista Jane B. Varona 38,855 3.87
Nacionalista Dexter A. Bathan 38,481 3.84
PDP-Laban Miriam P. Manalo 38,085 3.80
PDP-Laban Kerwin O. Piamonte 28,541 2.84
PDP-Laban Rolando P. Baliao 27,674 2.76
PDP-Laban Hermogenes M. Miranda 21,775 2.17
PDP-Laban Nicasio A. Lacerna 20,420 2.04
PDP-Laban Esmeraldo P. Plastina 18,598 1.85
Independent Emerson S. Panganiban 12,907 1.29
PDP-Laban Roosevelt Q. Legaspi 12,504 1.25
Total votes 139,920 100


Supporters of the mayoral candidate Severino Lajara stormed city hall to protest against the suspension of the canvassing votes. They believed the results of the elections were being manipulated.[1]

The mayoral race in Calamba was neck and neck between Lajara and Chipeco. Police kept a close watch on the Commission on Elections (Comelec) office in Calamba City.[citation needed]


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