The CERN Open Hardware Licence (OHL or CERN OHL) is a license used in open-source hardware projects. It was created by CERN, which published version 1.0 in March 2011. Version 1.1 was published in July 2011. Version 1.2 was published in September 2013. Version 2.0, which utilizes a simplified language and covers also integrated circuit designs, was published in March 2020.


Contrary to most of license names, the CERN OHL uses the British English spelling :wiktionary:licence#Noun, ''licence'' rather than the American English spelling :wiktionary:license#Noun, ''license'' which contains an "s".

Projects using the CERN OHL

On the CERN OHL website they have a list of projects using their license. These projects include:
Most projects in the Open Hardware Repository OHR

Gizmo For You Ltd

* Tinkerforge Bricks and Bricklets * AXIOM (camera), AXIOM – digital cinema camera * SatNOGS-the open satellite ground station network * UPSat-the first open hardware satellite 1
Mycroft Mark 1
– smart speaker with open-source digital assistant (design files availabl
* A Free Beer variation, brewed for the Libre Software Meeting, RMLL 2012 and cooking recipe, recipe placed under the CERN OHL 1.1 * The tristimulus colorimeter]
uses version 1.1 of this license. *The synchrotron instrumentatio
which chorographs experiments at particle accelerator and other facilities
The Monero Hardware Wallet
The first (licensed schematic and layout) Monero hardware wallet
Mechanical Ventilator Milano
Rapid production ventilator design as an answer to COVID-19 shortage


The CERN OHL is an accepted free content license according to the Free Cultural Works definition and version 2 is approved by the Open Source Initiative.

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