The CAE Oxford Aviation Academy Douala (formerly Sabena Flight Academy Africa) (CAE SFA-A) is an aviation school owned by Canadian group CAE[2] (part of its CAE Global Academy), located at Douala, Cameroon. It was the first civil aviation university in the country.[3]

Former subsidiary of Sabena Flight Academy,[4] the school trains airline pilots,[5] flight attendants (preparation of the Certificat de formation à la sécurité) and flight dispatchers.[6]


The school was created in 2008 by Joseph Barla, and Jean-Yves Kotto, as subsidiary of Sabena Flight Academy,[7] a Belgian school created in 1953. A few months later, following the absorption of Sabena Flight Academy by CAE, SFA-A become part of CAE Global Academy, renamed CAE Global Academy Douala.[1]


On its Douala campus, the school has three flight simulators : one FNPT2 calibrated like a Boeing 737-800, a second FNPT2 showing the Diamond DA42 and a FNPT1 dedicated to instrument flight rules training.[1]


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