CAA may refer to:


* Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 of India ** Protests regarding the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.



* China Academy of Art, a fine arts college in China founded in 1928 * College Art Association, a professional arts association in the US * Concert Artistes Association, founded 1897


* Canadian Automobile Association, a federation of clubs across Canada * China Automobile Association, a roadside assistance provider in China owned by Insurance Australia Group * Cyprus Automobile Association, a non-profit organization, providing roadside assistance services


* Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ICAO airline designator), US * Central African Airways, a defunct airline, national carrier for the Central African Federation * Children's Air Ambulance, air ambulance for children in the UK * Civil Aeronautics Administration (disambiguation), several national governing bodies ** Civil Aeronautics Administration (Taiwan), a division of Ministry of Transportation and Communication ** Civil Aeronautics Administration (United States) * Civil Aviation Authority, the name of these countries' regulators: ** Civil Aviation Authority (New Zealand) ** Civil Aviation Authority (South Africa) ** Civil Aviation Authority (United Kingdom) ** Civil Aviation Authority (Moldova) (formerly Civil Aviation Administration in English) ** Civil Aviation Authority of Norway * Civil Aviation Agency, the name of two countries' regulators in English: ** Latvian Civil Aviation Agency ** Civil Aviation Agency Slovenia * Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation, a Congolese airline


* Canadian Archaeological Association, publishes archaeological literature * Canadian Avalanche Association, avalanche awareness and safety * Carinthian Astronomical Association (''Astronomische Vereinigung Kärntens''), Austria * Center for American Archeology, in Kampsville, Illinois, an independent non-profit research and education

Sports and Entertainment

* Canyon Athletic Association, an association to organize sports for smaller charter schools in the state of Arizona * Colonial Athletic Association, an NCAA Division I college athletic conference whose full-time members are in East Coast US states * Confederation of African Athletics, a continental association for the sport of athletics in Africa * Creative Artists Agency, an American talent and sports agency * Cycle Action Auckland, a pro-cycling advocacy group in Auckland, New Zealand

Other organizations

* Campaign Against Antisemitism, a UK organisation * California Alumni Association, the alumni association of the University of California, Berkeley * Case Alumni Association, oldest independent alumni organization in the US * Cat Aficionado Association, a registry of pedigreed felines in China * Center for Academic Advancement, a part of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth * Center for Army Analysis, US * Combined Agents of America, a managing general agency of independent insurance agencies in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, US * Commission for Academic Accreditation, United Arab Emirates * Commonwealth Association of Architects, an organisation for architects in commonwealth countries * Council on African Affairs, provided information about Africa to the US, particularly to African Americans

Science and technology

* Cerebral amyloid angiopathy, a form of angiopathy * Computational aeroacoustics, direct simulation of acoustic fields associated with flows * Computer-aided auscultation, computer analysis of stethoscope data * DNS Certification Authority Authorization, a method for cross-checking security information on the Internet * Cover Art Archive, a project hosting album cover art images * CAA, one of the codons for the amino acid glutamine

Other uses

* Command Arms and Accessories, an Israeli firearms manufacturer of Kalashnikov style weapons * Coventry Arena railway station, station code "CAA" * Cuban Adjustment Act, a US federal law {{disambiguation