Củ Chi Base Camp (also known as Củ Chi Army Airfield) is a former U.S. Army and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) base in the Củ Chi District northwest of Saigon in southern Vietnam.



Củ Chi Base Camp was established in 1965 near Highway 1, 25 km northwest of Tan Son Nhut Air Base and 50 km southeast of Tây Ninh. The camp was located south of the Vietcong stronghold known as the Iron Triangle and was near and in some cases above the Cu Chi Tunnels.[1]

The 25th Infantry Division had its headquarters at Củ Chi from January 1966 until February 1970.[2]

Other units stationed at Củ Chi included:

The airfield was capable of accommodating C-7 Caribou and C-123 aircraft.

On 26 February 1969 PAVN sappers attacked the base destroying 9 CH-47 helicopters of the 242nd ASH Company.[4]


Following the departure of the U.S. forces in 1972, Củ Chi became the base of the ARVN 25th Division.[1]

Current use

The base remains in use by the People's Army of Vietnam. The airfield is no longer used but is still visible on satellite images.


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