Cơm lam, "bamboo cooked rice" is a Vietnamese rice dish found in the Northwest Mountainous Area. It originated when mountain people, such as the Tháy people, would prepare for long journeys by pressing wet rice, cơm, with added salt, into bamboo tubes, and cooking.[1] Cơm lam is also served in Central Highlands food stalls with chicken.[2]


  1. ^ Anthropos Volume 99, Issue 1 Österreichische Leo-Gesellschaft, Görres-Gesellschaft, Anthropos Institute - 2004 "3.1 Cơm lam The Vietnamese still see the Tháy as people who eat cơm lam, muôi ông (in-bamboo-tube cooked [glutinous] rice and [who store] salt in bamboo tube). They believe, when one is in forest regions, one has to eat this type of com ..."
  2. ^ Vietweek, Thanh Nien News, Vietnam Youth Association Delicacy made in a bamboo stem - Visit the Central Highlands to discover spectacular sceneries and eat and drink like a mountain dweller June 8, 2012 print issue, June 16, 2012 web edition. "Anyone visiting the Central Highlands should try cơm lam (rice cooked in bamboo stems) and grilled chicken. It is a fascinating experience to eat the rice and chicken by dipping it in sesame and salt and drink rượu cần (a beer-like drink sipped through a long bamboo pipe from a jar) like the mountain people do. Cơm lam has its origins in the mountainous lifestyle when tribesmen made long journeys through the forest to work on mountain fields."