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Busan Kyungsang College is a college in the Yeonje-gu district of Busan Metropolitan City, in southeastern South Korea. The president is Park Seok-Yong. It carries a legal maximum enrollment of 3,700 students.


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Academic departments[edit] The college offers training in technical and business-related fields.

Department of Business Administration Department of e-Commerce Tax Information Department of International Trade Department of Finance Department of Real Estate Management Department of Social Welfare Public Administration Department of Tourism Japanese Department of Tourism English Department of Tourism Chinese Department of Aircraft Service and Secretarial Science Department of Early Childhood Education Department of Fashion Design Department of Broadcasting and Art Department of Multimedia Computing Department of Internet Information Technology Department of Industrial Design Department of Digital Animation Department of Mobile Games

According to the school, this is the only mobile game department in South Korea.

History[edit] The school opened its doors on March 8, 1980. The Hwashin School Foundation which founded it was established in 1977. The current president was installed in 2001. Notable people[edit]

Bae Ki-sung, singer (Can) Song Kang-ho, actor

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