The Info List - Burhagohain

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Buragohain (Ahom language:Chao Phrang Mong) was the first of the two original counsellors in the Ahom kingdom. He was selected by the Ahom king from members of the Ahom nobility (Satgharia Ahom), who was not eligible for the position of Ahom kingship. The other original counsellor is the Borgohain. Both the positions existed from the time of the first Ahom king, Sukaphaa. The Burhagohain administered the region north of the Dikhow river up to Sadia. List of Burhagohains[edit]

Thao Mong Klin Man Rai Thao-Ru-Ru Thao Phrang Dam Khen-Pong Phun-Long-Kham-Peng Thao-Mong-Chang-Rai Thao-Mong-Nang-Dhu-Pu-Ra Lajan Chao-Phrang-Dam Lapet Chao-Phran-Dam ... Aikhek Burhagohain Chaopet Burhagohain Thakbak Burhagohain Sukulahuda Burhagohain Sariah Burhagohain Hatipoali Burhagohain Lasham Burhagohain Atan Burhagohain (Banhgariya family) Dilihiyal Langi Burhagohain Kunwoiganya Mau Burhagohain Lankakia Khampeng Burhagohain Kunwoiganya Laisheng Burhagohain Dilihiliyal Aphau Khampet Burhagohain Bailung Bayan Burhagohain Domai Burhagohain Sengmun Burhagohain Bailungia Sonai Burhagohain Langmai Kalia Burhagohain Kunwoigayan Bhagi Burhagohain ... Ghanashyam Burhagohain (Kunwoigayan family) Purnanada Burhagohain Ruchinath Burhagohain ...


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