The Info List - Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame

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BUDDHA COLLAPSED OUT OF SHAME (Persian:بودا از شرم فرو ریخت : BUDA AZ SHARM FORU RIKHT) is a 2007 Iranian film directed by Hana Makhmalbaf
Hana Makhmalbaf
. The story takes place in modern Afghanistan following the removal of the Taliban
and revolves around a 5-year-old Afghan girl who wants to attend a newly opened school. The girl Bakhtay (Nikbakht Noruz) lives in the caves under the remains of the Buddhas of Bamiyan
Buddhas of Bamiyan
which were destroyed by the Taliban
in 2001. Bakhtay becomes obsessed with the idea of going to school but must fight against a society influenced by conditions suffered during the strict Taliban
rule including male domination, war, poverty and dire children's games.


Talib boy Abdolali Hoseinali

Abbas Abbas Alijome

Bakhtay Nikbakht Noruz


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