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Budanilkantha, situated at the foot of Shivapuri hill, was a Village Development Committee in Kathmandu District
Kathmandu District
in the Bagmati Zone
Bagmati Zone
before being incorporated into the city of Budhanilkantha (along with Chapali Bhadrakali, Mahankal, Bishnu, Chunikhel
and Kapan). At the time of the 2011 Nepal
census it had a population of 15,421.[1]

Budhanilkantha town at the foot of Shivapuri hills visible from a building terrace

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Headquarter: Kathmandu

Kathmandu Budanilkantha Chandragiri Dakshinkali Gokarneshwar Kageshwari Manohara Kirtipur Nagarjun Shankharapur Tarakeshwar Tokha

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