The Info List - Brunswick Star

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The Brunswick star is an emblem which in outline is an eight-pointed or sixteen-pointed star, but which is composed of many narrow rays. It is used in Great Britain to surround the Royal Cypher on various badges, such as that worn on the caps and helmets of almost all police and fire services in England and Wales. The name Brunswick refers to the German Duchy of Brunswick-L√ľneburg, better known as principality of Hanover, which was ruled by the House of Hanover whose heads also became kings of Great Britain. Agencies using Brunswick Star[edit]

The Royal Regiment of Canada South African Police Service (formerly South African Police) South Australian Country Fire Service

Agencies formerly using Brunswick Star[edit]

Customs and Excise Department (Hong Kong) - before 1997 The Dutch Police both Municipal and State Police - Till 1 April 1993 Shanghai Volunteer Corps - until 1942

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