The Brunei LNG (BLNG) is the LNG plant in Lumut, Brunei. Established in 1969 and was opened in 1973, it was the first LNG plant in the Western Pacific. The operating company—Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd—is owned by the Government of Brunei (50%), Shell Overseas Trading Limited and Mitsubishi Corporation (both 25%). Brunei LNG operates five LNG trains and produces 6.71 million tonnes every year of liquified natural gas. It has approximately 500 personnel.[1]

The facility uses Air Products' AP-C3MR process and has three LNG storage tanks capable of holding 195,000 cubic metres (6,900,000 cu ft).[citation needed]

Brunei LNG operates seven LNG carriers through the joint venture company, Brunei Shell Tankers. The first four carriers were delivered between October 1972 and October 1975, with a maximum storage capacity of 77,731 cubic metres (2,745,000 cu ft). These older ships were built in France. The three newer vessels were built in Korea (Amali/Arkat) and Japan (Abadi) by Daewoo and Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesMitsubishi Nagasaki respectively. The first of these three ships was delivered in June 2002, with the most recent ship, Amadi, being delivered in July 2011. These ships hold between 135,000 and 148,000 cubic metres (4,800,000 and 5,200,000 cu ft) of LNG collectively. [2]


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