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Dr. Bruce Daniels
Bruce Daniels
is an American Hydro-Climatologist, business executive and computer programmer. His name is part of the Silicon Valley lore of the founding of the personal computer and the revolution that brought the information age into ordinary people's homes through user-friendly interfaces. Dr. Daniels earned his Ph.D. from the University of California at Santa Cruz after receiving an advanced degree in Computer Science from MIT. He specializes in water-related impacts of climate change, especially in the American West. His leadership in decisions concerning California water quality dates back to 2003, when he was appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to the state's Regional Water Quality Control Board.[1] In 2011, he was honored as an ARCS Scholar in Northern California. [2] In 2016, he serves as the elected President of the Board of Directors of the Soquel Creek Water District in Santa Cruz County, California.[2] Dr. Daniels is also known as a computer programmer and business executive who has worked for Hewlett Packard, Apple Computer, Oracle, Borland, Sun Microsystems
Sun Microsystems
and his own start-up, Singular Software, which created Mac relational database management software.[3] He is known for having been a lead programmer for the Apple Macintosh,[4] and for being a software manager of LISA.[5] When he was still a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he was one of the creators of an early personal computer game, Zork.[6] References[edit]

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Bruce Daniels
advanced to Ph.D. Candidacy in Hydro-Climatology at UCSC. [1] ^ Save Our Shores bio Archived September 5, 2011, at the Wayback Machine. ^ "An Interview with Wayne Rosing, Bruce Daniels, and Larry Tesler: A behind the scenes look at the development of Apple's Lisa," Byte, February 1983, p.90+ ^ "Facepunch article and photo of Bruce Daniels
Bruce Daniels
with the Lisa team".  ^ History of Infocom

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