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The Brittingham Prize in Poetry
is a major United States
United States
literary award for a book of poetry chosen from an open competition. The prize, established in 1985, is sponsored by the English Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
University of Wisconsin–Madison
and is selected by a nationally recognized poet, The winner is published by the University of Wisconsin Press in its Poetry
Series. Each winning poet receives $2,500 ($1,000 cash prize and $1,500 honorarium for a public reading of the work at the University of Wisconsin–Madison). The winner is announced in February each year. The prize is named for Thomas E. Brittingham and is made possible by a grant from his foundation. A $28.00 non-refundable reading fee must accompany each manuscript, Winners[edit]

2014: Joanne Diaz, My Favorite Tyrants, Judge: Naomi Shihab Nye 2013: Greg Wrenn, Centaur, Judge: Terrance Hayes 2012: Jazzy Danziger, Darkroom, Judge: Jean Valentine 2011: Alison Stine, Wait, Judge: Cornelius Eady 2010: Jennifer Boyden, The Mouths of Grazing Things, Judge: Robert Pinsky 2009: Angela Sorby, Bird Skin Coat, Judge: Marilyn Nelson 2008: Philip Pardi, Meditations on Rising and Falling 2007: Betsy Andrews, New Jersey, Judge: Linda Gregerson 2005: Susanna Childress, Jagged with Love, Judge: Billy Collins 2004: John Brehm, Sea of Faith 2003: Brian Teare, The Room Where I Was Born Judge: Kelly Cherry 2002: Anna George Meek, Acts of Contortion 2001: Robin Behn, Horizon Note 2000: Greg Rappleye, A Path Between Houses 1999: Frank X. Gaspar, A Field Guide to the Heavens 1998: Suzanne Paola, Bardo 1997: Olena Kalytiak Davis, And Her Soul Out of Nothing 1996: Juanita Brunk, Brief Landing on the Earth's Surface 1995: Lynn Powell, Old and New Testaments 1994: Lisa Lewis, The Unbeliever 1993: Stephanie Strickland, The Red Virgin: A Poem of Simone Weil 1992: Tony Hoagland, Sweet Ruin 1991: Renée Ashley, Salt 1990: Judith Vollmer, Level Green 1989: Stefanie Marlis, Slow Joy 1988: Lisa Zeidner, Pocket Sundial 1987: David Kirby, Saving the Young Men of Vienna 1986: Patricia Dobler, Talking To Strangers Judge: Maxine Kumin 1985: Jim Daniels, Places/Everyone

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