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Britannia Britannia () is the national personification upright=0.9, An early example of National personification in a gospel book dated 990: Germania.html"_;"title="Sclavinia,_Germania">Sclavinia,_Germania,_Sclavinia,_Germania,_Gallia"> ...

is the Latin name for Britain, used as the female personification of Britain. Britannia may also refer to:

Arts, entertainment and media

Fictional entities

* Britannia, an alias of character Sage in the Marvel Comics universe * Britannia, a fictional location in ''Ultima'' video games *Britannia, a fictional region of the manga and anime '' The Seven Deadly Sins'' *The Holy Britannian Empire, a fictional political entity in the anime ''
Code Geass , often referred to simply as ''Code Geass'', is a Japanese anime is hand-drawn and computer animation " technique Computer animation is the process used for digitally generating animated images. The more gene ...


* Britannia (board game), a strategy board game introduced in 1986


* ''Britannia'' (novel), a 2015 novel by Simon Scarrow * ''Britannia'', a chorographical survey of Great Britain and Ireland by
William Camden William Camden (2 May 1551 – 9 November 1623) was an English antiquarian 's cabinet of curiosities, from ''Museum Wormianum,'' 1655 An antiquarian or antiquary (from the Latin: ''antiquarius'', meaning pertaining to ancient times) is an fan ...

William Camden
, 1586 * ''Britannia'', a series of novels by M. J. Trow and Richard Denham * ''Britannia'' (journal), a journal of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies * ''Britannia'', a comic miniseries by
Valiant Comics Valiant Comics is an American publisher of comic books and related media. The company was founded in 1989 by former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter along with lawyer and businessman Steven Massarsky. In 1994, the company was sold to ...


* ''Britannia'' documentaries'', a BBC TV series * ''Britannia'' (TV series), a 2018 historical drama

Businesses and organizations

Britannia Building Society The Leek & Moorlands Building Society was founded in Leek in 1856. It expanded steadily as a regional society until the late 1950s when it began a major expansion drive, partly through branch openings but also some 55 acquisitions. The most subst ...
, a British mutual building society 18562009 *
Britannia Hotels Britannia Hotels is a British British may refer to: Peoples, culture, and language * British people The British people, or Britons, are the citizens of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland The United Kingdo ...
, a British hotel group *
Britannia Industries Britannia Industries Limited is an India India, officially the Republic of India (Hindi Hindi (Devanagari: , हिंदी, ISO 15919, ISO: ), or more precisely Modern Standard Hindi (Devanagari: , ISO 15919, ISO: ), is an I ...
, an Indian food-products corporation known for ''Britannia'' biscuits * Britannia United Church, a United Church of Canada congregation in Ottawa, Canada



* Britannia, Calgary, a residential neighbourhood * Britannia, Newfoundland and Labrador, a settlement in Trinity Bay * Britannia, Ontario (disambiguation), several places in Ontario ** Britannia, Ottawa, a group of neighbourhoods in Bay Ward * Britannia Beach, an unincorporated community in British Columbia * Britannia Range (Canada), a subrange of the North Shore Mountains * Rural Municipality of Britannia No. 502, Saskatchewan * Britannia Secondary School, Vancouver, British Columbia


* Brittany, a region in France sometimes called ''Britannia minor'' to distinguish it from Britain

United Kingdom

*Britannia, the Roman Province of Britain * Britannia, Lancashire, a suburb of Bacup, Lancashire ** Britannia railway station (18811917) , a disused railway station * Britannia, Richmond, London, a public house and Grade II listed building * Britannia Fields, a public open space near Britannia Road, Burbage, Leicestershire * Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon * Britannia Park, replaced by The American Adventure Theme Park, Derbyshire

Other countries

* Britannia Range (Antarctica), a mountain range * Mount Britannia, a mountain on Rongé Island, Graham Land, Antarctica * Britannia, Mauritius, a region in Savanne district, Mauritius * Britannia railway station, Melbourne, a railway siding in Melbourne, Australia * Britannia Village, a neighborhood of Taunton, Massachusetts, United States


* Britannia Posen, a German association football club active * FC Britannia XI, a Gibraltar futsal club * SV Britannia (Sport Vereniging Britannia), an association football club in Aruba * Berliner Thor- und Fussball Club Britannia, a German football team, renamed Berliner SV 1892


Aircraft and airlines

* Bristol Britannia, an airliner built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company from 1952 * Britannia Airways, a UK-based charter airline 19612005


* Britannia (cyclecar), a British 4-wheeled vehicle 191314 by Britannia Engineering Co. Ltd. *Bristol Britannia, a version of Bristol Type 603 198294


* Britannia (ship), ''Britannia'' (ship), the name of several ships * , the name of several Royal Navy warships * , the name of several steamships * HMY Britannia (Royal Cutter Yacht), HMY ''Britannia'' (Royal Cutter Yacht), a British royal racing yacht 18931936 * HMY Britannia, HMY ''Britannia'', a British royal yacht 195497 * Britannia-class steamship, ''Britannia''-class steamship, the Cunard Line's initial fleet of wooden paddlers from 1840

Steam engines

* ''Britannia'', a GWR 3031 Class locomotive 18911915 * ''Britannia'' Class, BR Standard Class 7 steam locomotives for British Railways from 1951 ** BR Standard Class 7 70000 Britannia, BR Standard Class 7 70000 ''Britannia'', the first ''Britannia'' Class steam locomotive * Namaqualand 0-4-2T Britannia, Namaqualand 0-4-2T ''Britannia'', a South African steam locomotive of 1905

Other uses

* ''Acleris britannia'', or Brittania Moth, a species of moth * Britannia (coin), British bullion coins first issued in 1987 * Britannia metal, also called Britannia ware, a type of pewter alloy * Britannia silver, an alloy of silver * "Britannia", one of the Geographic Beanie Babies dolls

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