Brandon may refer to:

Names and people

*Brandon (given name), a male given name *Brandon (surname), a surname with several different origins



*Brandon, a farm and 19th century homestead in Seaham, New South Wales *Brandon, Queensland, a small town just south of Townsville


*Brandon, Manitoba


*Brandon, County Durham *Brandon, Lincolnshire *Brandon, Northumberland *Brandon, Suffolk *Brandon, Warwickshire *Brandon Hill, Bristol


*Brandon, Saône-et-Loire


*Brandon, County Kerry *Mount Brandon, a mountain overlooking the village *Brandon Bay, the bay overlooked by the village *Brandon Creek, County Kerry *Brandon Hill, a hill between Graiguenamana and Inistoige, Co. Kilkenny.

United States

*Brandon Corner, California *Brandon, Colorado *Brandon, Florida *Brandon, Iowa *Brandon Township, Michigan *Brandon, Minnesota *Brandon Township, Minnesota *Brandon, Mississippi *Brandon, Montana *Brandon, Nebraska *Brandon, New York *Brandon, Ohio *Brandon, South Dakota *Brandon, Texas *Brandon, Vermont *Brandon, Wisconsin *Brandon Lake, a lake in Minnesota *Lower Brandon Plantation (Prince George County, Virginia) *Upper Brandon Plantation (Prince George County, Virginia) *Brandon Plantation (Halifax County, Virginia)


* Brandon, the name of the dog in the American television series ''Punky Brewster'' * Ulmus americana 'Brandon', an elm cultivar * Brandon Railroad, Nebraska, United States * , several warships * Brandon, a male doll in the Groovy Girls doll line

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