Brachyprosopus is an extinct genus of dicynodont therapsid from the middle Permian of the Karoo Basin, South Africa.[1]

Chelydontops Cluver, 1975, based on a skull from the Karoo Basin of South Africa, is a junior synonym.[1]


Brachyprosopus is similar to Endothiodon, Niassodon, and Pristerodon in having absence of anterior median palatal ridges; maxillary tooth rows bounded laterally by a shelf; unfused vomers; raised margins of the interpterygoid vacuity; broad intertemporal region; pineal boss; dentary tables; and a long, wide posterior dentary sulcus that extends posterior to the dentary teeth. However, it can be distinguished by the autapomorphy of a curled lateral edge of the squamosal that forms a lateral wall of the external adductor fossa.[1]

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