The Super Heavyweight class in the boxing at the 1996 Summer Olympics competition was the heaviest class at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, United States. Super Heavyweights were limited to those boxers with a body mass more than 91 kilograms. The competition in the Alexander Memorial Coliseum started on July 20, 1996 and ended on August 4, 1996.

Qualified boxers

Athlete Notes
 Adalat Mamedov (AZE)
 Sergei Liakhovich (BLR)
 Jean-François Bergeron (CAN) 1st North & Central American Olympic Qualification
 Alexis Rubalcaba (CUB) Gold medal icon.svg 1995 Pan American Games [1]
 Petr Horáček (CZE)
 Said Ahmed Ahmed (EGY) 1st African Olympic Qualification
 Josué Blocus (FRA)
 René Monse (GER) Bronze medal icon.svg 1996 European Championships
 Mohammad Reza Samadi (IRI) Gold medal icon.svg Asian Championships
 Paolo Vidoz (ITA)
 Mikhail Yurchenko (KAZ)
 Duncan Dokiwari (NGR) Gold medal icon.svg 1995 All-Africa Games
 Safarish Khan (PAK)
 Alexei Lezin (RUS) Gold medal icon.svg 1996 European Championships
 Attila Levin (SWE) Bronze medal icon.svg 1996 European Championships
 Paea Wolfgramm (TGA) Gold medal icon.svg 1995 Oceanian Championships
 Wladimir Klitschko (UKR) Silver medal icon.svg 1996 European Championships
 Lawrence Clay-Bey (USA)
 Jesús Guevara (VEN) Gold medal icon.svg 1996 South American Championships


Gold Wladimir Klitschko
Silver Paea Wolfgramm
Bronze Duncan Dokiwari
Alexei Lezin


Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Final
 Alexei Lezin (RUS) RSC-1
 Mikhail Yurchenko (KAZ) (02:42)
 Alexei Lezin (RUS) 9
 René Monse (GER) 5
 René Monse (GER) 12
 Said Ahmed Ahmed (EGY) 9
 Alexei Lezin (RUS) 1
 Wladimir Klitschko (UKR) 4
 Lawrence Clay-Bey (USA) 8
 Wladimir Klitschko (UKR) 10
 Wladimir Klitschko (UKR) RSC-1
 Attila Levin (SWE) (01:43)
 Jean-François Bergeron (CAN) (00:59)
 Attila Levin (SWE) RSC-1
 Wladimir Klitschko (UKR) 7
 Adalat Mamedov (AZE) RSC-2  Paea Wolfgramm (TGA) 3
 Petr Horáček (CZE) (01:10)  Adalat Mamedov (AZE) RSC-1
 Josué Blocus (FRA) RSC-2  Josué Blocus (FRA) (02:11)
 Jesús Guevara (VEN) (02:13)  Adalat Mamedov (AZE) (00:23)
 Duncan Dokiwari (NGR) RSC-3
 Safarish Khan (PAK) (01:25)
 Duncan Dokiwari (NGR) RSC-2  Duncan Dokiwari (NGR) RSC-2
 Mohammad Reza Samadi (IRI) (00:39)  Duncan Dokiwari (NGR) 6
 Paea Wolfgramm (TGA) 7
 Paea Wolfgramm (TGA) 10
 Sergei Liakhovich (BLR) 9
 Paea Wolfgramm (TGA) 17
 Alexis Rubalcaba (CUB) 12
 Alexis Rubalcaba (CUB) RSC-1
 Paolo Vidoz (ITA) (02:39)


  1. ^ Took over the spot earned by compatriot Leonardo Martínez Fiz at the 1995 Pan American Games