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Bothriochloa is a common and widespread genus of plants in the grass family native to many countries on all inhabited continents and many islands.[4] They are often called beardgrass or bluestem.[5][6] The name is derived from the Greek words "bothrio" meaning "trench" and "chloa" meaning "blade of grass."[7] The following species are recognised:[3]

Bothriochloa alta (Hitchc.) Henrard – tall beardgrass – Americas from New Mexico to Argentina Bothriochloa barbinodis (Lag.) Herter– cane bluestem – USA (CO MO OK AZ CA NV UT TX NM FL SC), Mexico, El Salvador, South America (from Colombia to Paraguay) Bothriochloa biloba S.T.Blake – Queensland, New South Wales Bothriochloa bladhii (Retz.) S.T.Blake – Asia (Yemen to Caucasus to Japan to Maluku), Australia, New Guinea, Africa, Madagascar Bothriochloa bunyensis B.K.Simon – Queensland Bothriochloa campii (Swallen) De Wet – Ecuador Bothriochloa compressa (Hook.f.) Henrard – India, Lesser Sunda Islands Bothriochloa decipiens (Hack.) C.E.Hubb. – Australia Bothriochloa edwardsiana (Gould) Parodi – Mexico, Texas, Argentina, Uruguay Bothriochloa ensiformis (Hook.f.) Henrard – India Bothriochloa erianthoides (F.Muell.) C.E.Hubb. – Queensland, New South Wales Bothriochloa eurylemma M.Marchi & Longhi – Wagner – Brazil (Mato Grosso do Sul), Argentina (Entre Ríos, Chaco, Formosa, Tucumán, Salta) Bothriochloa ewartiana (Domin) C.E.Hubb. – Australia, Philippines, Lesser Sunda Islands Bothriochloa exaristata (Nash) Henrard – awnless beardgrass – southern Brazil, northern Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, USA (TX LA) Bothriochloa grahamii (Haines) Bor – India Bothriochloa hirtifolia (J.Presl) Henrard – Mexico, Guatemala Bothriochloa hybrida (Gould) Gould – USA (TX LA), Mexico (from Chihuahua to Oaxaca) Bothriochloa imperatoides (Lillo) Herter – Rio Grande do Sul, northern Argentina, Uruguay Bothriochloa insculpta (Hochst. ex A.Rich.) A.Camus – sweetpitted grass – Africa, Madagascar, India, Arabian Peninsula, Spain, Sicily Bothriochloa ischaemum (L.) Keng – yellow bluestem – Eurasia + North Africa from Portugal + Canary Islands to Korea Bothriochloa kuntzeana (Hack.) Henrard – India, Nepal Bothriochloa laguroides (DC.) Herter – silver bluestem – Americas from Mexico to Chile Bothriochloa longifolia (Hack.) Bor – India Bothriochloa longipaniculata (Gould) Allred & Gould – longspike beardgrass – Brazil (Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina), Argentina (Corrientes, Chaco, Formosa, Misiones), Paraguay, Guatemala, Mexico, USA (TX LA MS) Bothriochloa macra (Steud.) S.T.Blake – red – leg grass, red grass, redleg or pitted beard grass – Australia Bothriochloa meridionalis M.Marchi & Longhi – Wagner – Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Rio Grande do Sul Bothriochloa modesta (Backer) Backer & Henrard – Java, Lesser Sunda Islands Bothriochloa pertusa (L.) A.Camus – pitted beardgrass – China, India, Southeast Asia, Australia, islands of Indian Ocean + western Pacific Bothriochloa pseudischaemum (Nees ex Steud.) Henrard – India, Sri Lanka Bothriochloa radicans (Lehm.) A.Camus – eastern + southern Africa, Arabian Peninsula Bothriochloa saccharoides Rydb. – Americas from Utah to Uruguay Bothriochloa springfieldii (Gould) Parodi – USA (CO AZ UT TX NM LA), Mexico, Bolivia, Argentina Bothriochloa torreyana (Steud.) Scrivanti & Anton – southern USA (from CA to SC), Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay Bothriochloa velutina M.Marchi & Longhi – Wagner – Paraná, Santa Catarina Bothriochloa woodrovii (Hook.f.) A.Camus – India Bothriochloa wrightii (Hack.) Henrard – Mexico, USA (TX NM AZ)

formerly included[3]

see Capillipedium, Dichanthium, Euclasta, Hemisorghum and Pseudosorghum.

Bothriochloa assimilis – Capillipedium assimile Bothriochloa concanensis – Dichanthium concanense Bothriochloa foulkesii – Dichanthium foulkesii Bothriochloa gracilis – Pseudosorghum fasciculare Bothriochloa kwashotensis – Capillipedium kwashotense Bothriochloa parviflora – Capillipedium parviflorum Bothriochloa picta – Capillipedium assimile Bothriochloa piptanthera – Euclasta condylotricha Bothriochloa spicigera – Capillipedium spicigerum Bothriochloa tuberculata – Dichanthium annulatum Bothriochloa venusta – Hemisorghum venustum Bothriochloa yunnanensis – Pseudosorghum fasciculare

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Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q2023663 APDB: 188756 EoL: 108117 EPPO: 1BOTG FloraBase: 20966 FoC: 104319 GBIF: 2704089 GrassBase: gen00084 GRIN: 1605 ITIS: 41476 NCBI: 79826 NZOR: 5a2c6192-d856-4826-a59a-bc5535060748 PLANTS: BOTHR