Borås Municipality (''Borås kommun'') is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Borås. In 1971 the ''City of Borås'' was made a municipality (''kommun'') when the unitary type of local government unit was introduced in Sweden. Three years later many surrounding municipalities were amalgamated with Borås. In 1995 the western part was separated, creating Bollebygd Municipality. In the 1990s the municipal assembly (''kommunfullmäktige'') decided to use the name ''Borås stad'' or ''City of Borås'' whenever possible, for the whole municipality, including rural areas. This decision is purely nominal and has no effect on the legal status of the municipality.


*Aplared *Äspered *Borås (seat) *Borgstena *Bosnäs *Bredared *Dalsjöfors *Dannike *Fristad *Frufällan *Gånghester *Hedared *Kinnarumma *Målsryd *Rångedala *Rydboholm *Sandared *Sandhult *Seglora *Sjömarken *Tosseryd *Viskafors

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Borås is twinned with: * Molde, Norway * Mikkeli, Finland * Vejle, Denmark Examples of international co-operations *Espelkamp, Germany *Alanya, Turkey Twin towns and international co-operation in Borås


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