The Kosovo Police's Bomb Squad (IED/EOD) was established in March 2006, prompted by the necessity to protect citizens’ lives and property, and to assist in investigation of crime-related cases.

Bomb Squad is established at the KP Main Headquarters Level and is responsible to respond to the calls of all 8 Kosovo regions. The bomb squad closely cooperates with investigation units and prosecutor's office in the course of post-blast investigations, after bomb threats and during arrest of persons who are in an illegal possession of explosive devices.

Current Capabilities

  • Responding to cases of bomb threats
  • Responding to CBRN
  • Disposing and neutralizing all bombs
  • Investigating post-blast incident scenes and providing assistance in reconstruction of explosive device following the blast, and preserving evidences
  • Compiling experts report for the court
  • Conducting searches in facilities involving High Risk
  • Providing technical support to special operations, for example; SIU, V.I.P. and/or other Special searches.