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The COUNCIL OF CANNSTATT, also referred to as the BLOOD COURT AT CANNSTATT ( Blutgericht zu Cannstatt), was a council meeting at Cannstatt
, now a part of Stuttgart
, in 746 that took place as a result of an invitation by the Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia
, Carloman , the eldest son of Charles Martel
Charles Martel
, of all nobles of the Alemanni

According to the annals of Metz
, the annales Petaviani and an account by Childebrand , Carloman arrested several thousand noblemen who attended accusing them of taking part in the uprising of Theudebald, Duke of Alamannia and Odilo, Duke of Bavaria , and summarily executed them all for high treason . The number of deaths is a matter of debate. The action eliminated virtually the entire tribal leadership of the Alemanni
and ended the independence of the duchy of Alamannia , after which it was ruled by Frankish dukes.


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