Blackgang Chine
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Entrance to Blackgang Chine amusement park
LocationBlackgang, Isle of Wight, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates50°35′20″N 1°18′52″W / 50.58889°N 1.31444°W / 50.58889; -1.31444Coordinates: 50°35′20″N 1°18′52″W / 50.58889°N 1.31444°W / 50.58889; -1.31444
OwnerAlexander Dabell/Vectis Ventures Ltd./ The Dabell Family
Opened1842 or 1843[1]
Operating seasonMarch to November
Roller coasters1
Water rides1

Blackgang Chine is the oldest amusement park in the United Kingdom, having opened in the 1840s. Named after a now-destroyed chine (a coastal ravine) in the soft Cretaceous cliffs, it is about 6 miles from Ventnor at the southern tip of the Isle of Wight just below St Catherine's Down. Blackgang Chine and its sister park Robin Hill are owned by the Dabell family. Blackgang Chine is home to a series of imaginatively themed lands, including a Pirate Cove, a realm of Dinosaurs, an Underwater Kingdom, a Fairy Village and a Cowboy Town. Owing to the unstable land on which the park is situated, landslides occur frequently, meaning that attractions have been moved further inland to safer ground on several occasions.