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black missionaries are a popular reggae band from the Malawi. The Black Missionaries are primarily active in the city of Blantyre, and members reside in Chileka. The band had originally five members, namely Evison Matafale, Peter Amidu, and three of the seven sons of Robert Fumulani: Musamude, Anjilu, and Chizondi.[1] Currently only three of the founding members are living, after the leader and founder Evison Matafale was killed whilst in police custody in 2001, on November 7, and the death of his successor Musamude on 17 September 2007. He died of TB. They have ten albums, Kuimba I - X, and perform in concerts across the country, often singing about love and Rastafari
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Chiwembe – village in their song Police Hunt Matafale


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