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pyramidalis, commonly known as the Flaming torch, is a species of bromeliad that is native to Brazil, Venezuela, French Guiana, the Lesser Antilles
Lesser Antilles
and Cuba. It is reportedly naturalized in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
and on the Island of Mauritius
in the Indian Ocean.[1][2][3][4][5] They are adaptable, growing well as a terrestrial or epiphytic plant. When on the ground, they quickly create large clumps, and when planted at the base of a tree, they slowly will climb the trunk. The flowers on an individual plant last less than one month, but nearly all of the plants will come into bloom at the same time in the late summer and in some latitudes, they bloom more frequently. References[edit]

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Wd: Q4911632 EoL: 1126057 GBIF: 2693754 GRIN: 7239 iNaturalist: 159269 IPNI: 122179-1 ITIS: 500996 NCBI: 319737 PalDat: Billbergia_pyramidalis Plant List: kew-221667 PLANTS: BIPY Tropicos: 4303807 WCSP: 221667

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