The Info List - Bibionomorpha

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The BIBIONOMORPHA are an infraorder of the suborder Nematocera
. One of its constituent families, the Anisopodidae
, is the presumed sister taxon to the entire suborder Brachycera
. Several of the remaining families in the infraorder (those shown without common names ) are former subfamilies of the Mycetophilidae , which has been recently subdivided. The family Axymyiidae has recently been removed from the Bibionomorpha
to its own infraorder Axymyiomorpha .

Most representatives of the Bibionomorpha
are saprophages or fungivores as larvae with the Cecidomyiidae
being predominantly gall -formers. Some Sciarids are common indoor pests, developing large populations in potting soil that has become moldy from overwatering. The larvae of the Bibionidae
sometimes migrate in large, snake-like masses to minimize dehydration while seeking a new feeding site.


The extinct bibionomorph fauna is as follows:


* Cascopleciidae Middle? Cretaceous; Myanmar * Eopleciidae extinct (Lower Jurassic) * Oligophryneidae extinct (Upper Triassic) * Paraxymyiidae extinct (Middle Jurassic) * Protobibionidae extinct (Middle Jurassic) * Protopleciidae extinct (Pan Jurassic) * Protorhyphidae extinct (Upper Triassic) * Protoscatopsidae extinct (Middle Jurassic)

* Superfamily Pleciodictyidea extinct

* Pleciodictyidae - (Upper Triassic)

* Superfamily Protoligoneuridea extinct

* Protoligoneuridae - (Upper Triassic)

* Superfamily Fungivoridea

* Pleciofungivoridae extinct (Upper Triassic) (Lower and Middle Jurassic) * Palaeopleciidae extinct (Upper Triassic) * Pleciomimidae extinct (Lower and Middle Jurassic) * Archizelmiridae extinct (Middle Jurassic) * Fungivoritidae extinct (Middle and Upper Jurassic) * Tipulopleciidae extinct (Middle Jurassic) * Sinemediidae extinct (Middle