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The Bhote Koshi
Bhote Koshi
is the upper river course of the Sun Kosi, known as Poiqu in Tibet.[2] It is part of the Koshi River
Koshi River
system in Nepal.[1] A western tributary of the upper Dudh Koshi
Dudh Koshi
is also called Bhote Koshi.[3]


1 River course 2 Hazards 3 Names and etymology 4 Tourism and sports 5 References

River course[edit]

The valley of Bhote Koshi

The headwaters of Poiqu and Bhote-Sun Koshi River
Koshi River
are located at the Zhangzangbo Glacier
in Tibet.[4] The river flows out of the Lumi Chimi lake. When entering Nepal, it is called Bhote Koshi. Further downstream, from the village of Bahrabise
onwards, it is called Sun Koshi.[1] Hazards[edit] In July 1981, a sudden ice avalanche caused a Glacial Lake Outburst Flood in the moraine-dammed Zhangzangbu-Cho Lake in the headwaters of the Bhote Koshi. The ensuing debris flow destroyed bridges, and sections of both the Arniko and the Nepal–China highways.[5] Names and etymology[edit] Nepali: भोटे कोशी; Chinese: 波特科西; pinyin: Bōtè Kēxī In Nepali language, the word "bhoṭe" or "bhoṭiyā" means Tibetan;[6] and the word "kosi" means river.[7] Tourism and sports[edit] The Bhote Kosi is used for both rafting and kayaking. It is the steepest river rafted in Nepal, with a gradient of 15 m per km. Bungee jumping or swinging over the Bhote Kosi has been described as the ‘ultimate experience’.[8] The river carves a steep and direct drop at the top that gradually eases to more placid streams and calmer pools with a 46-km run at the Lamosunga dam. The rapids are class IV-V at high flow, and III at lower levels. The river is steep and continuous with one rapid leading into another. References[edit]

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Mahananda basin

Mechi Kankai Ratua Khola

Sapta Koshi basin

Arun or Bum-chu Barun Bhote Koshi
Bhote Koshi
or Boqu Dudh Kosi Hongu Imja Khola Indravati Kosi or Sapta Kosi Sabha Sangkhuwa Siswa Sun Kosi
Sun Kosi
or Matsang Tsangpo Tama Kosi or Rongshar Tsangpo Tamur

Bagmati basin

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Koshi basin


Arun or Bum-chu Barun Bhote Koshi
Bhote Koshi
or Rongshar Tsangpo Dudh Kosi Hongu Imja Khola Indravati Kosi or Sapta Koshi Sabha Sangkhuwa Siswa Sun Kosi
Sun Kosi
or Matsang Tsangpo Tamur

Dams, barrages, bridges

Koshi Barrage Kosi embankment Sino- Nepal
Friendship Bridge

Geographical features

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