Beta Epsilon Gamma Gamma Alpha Rho Sigma (ΒΕΓΓΑΡΣ), established December 20, 1923, is the oldest Jesuit fraternity in the United States.[1] The Beggars Fraternity of Loyola University New Orleans is the first social fraternity at a Jesuit university.


Gardere Moore, on December 22, 1923, during the Christmas holidays, invited a number of Loyola students to his home to begin a fraternal organization. The new organization took the name "Beggars" in order not to be classified as a Greek letter fraternity. After the ban on fraternities was lifted, this name was transliterated into Greek. Future priest Francis L. Jannsen was Director of Student Activities at Loyola, an office now known as Dean of Men.


The Men of Beggars have been a part of the campus since its founding as the first fraternity in 1923. Both the school's newspaper and the Student Government Association were started by the Beggars.[citation needed]

The flagpole in front of Biever Hall, the stained glass window in Marquette Hall and the tile mosaic on the library were all donated to the school by the fraternity and its alumni.[citation needed]

The Men of the Beggars host Loyola's oldest party, Beggars Blast, and Loyola's biggest party, Dark Carnival.[citation needed]


The Beggars Fraternity holds its membership to be exclusive by invitation, requiring unanimous approval by the entire fraternity and therefore does not operate on quotas.[2]

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