Beishi may refer to:

Locations in mainland China or Taiwan

*Beishi District (北市区), Baoding, Hebei *Beishi River (北勢溪), tributary of the Xindian River in northern Taiwan *Beishi, Guangning County (北市镇), town in Guangdong *Beishi, Xingye County (北市镇), town in Guangxi *Beishi, Gaoping (北诗镇), town in Shanxi ;Subdistricts (北市街道) *Beishi Subdistrict, Lu'an, in Yu'an District, Lu'an, Anhui *Beishi Subdistrict, Shenyang, in Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning


*''History of Northern Dynasties'', or ''Bei Shi'' (北史), one of the official Chinese historical works of the Twenty-Four Histories {{geodis