''Beijing Review'' (), previously ''Peking Review'', is China's only national news magazine in English, published by the Chinese Communist Party-owned China International Publishing Group. In 2006 it claimed a per-issue circulation of 70,000 and distribution "throughout China and 150 countries and regions worldwide."


Founded in March 1958 as the weekly ''Peking Review'', it was an important tool for the Chinese government to communicate to the rest of world. The first issue included an editor's note explaining that the magazine was meant to "provide timely, accurate, first-hand information on economic, political and cultural developments in China, and her relations with the rest of the world." The U.S. Postal Service initially restricted distribution of the magazine but the U.S. Supreme Court overturned this policy in ''Lamont v. Postmaster General''. In October 2020, the United States Department of State designated ''Beijing Review'' as a "foreign mission" of China.


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