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The BEDICK, or BEDIK, are a minority ethnic group of Africa. They live in villages in the most isolated area of eastern Senegal
, in the Arrondissement of Bandafassi . Iwol is one of their settlements.

The Bedick speak the Bedik language and their religion is a blend between their animist roots and a more recent Christian
influence. More connected with Guinea Conakry or Mali
than with Senegal, Bedick people have contact with other ethnic groups like Bassari and Serer . Their ancestors are the families Keita and Camera that came from Mali because of the War led by Alpha Yaye coming from Fouta Djalon .



Bedick ceramic pots in storage. *

Bedick hairstyling in Iwol. *

Bedick hairstyling in Iwol. *

Bedick houses in Iwol. *

Image of Iwol. *

Bedick village. *

Bedick woman, Iwol. *

Bedick diviner sacrifices a chicken. *

Bedick diviner predicting outcomes by examining the organs of a sacrificed chicken. *

Bedick statue from village of Ibel. *

Bedick village. *

Bedick woman at Iwol. *

Large clay pot for brewing alcoholic beverage at Iwol. *

"Village chief of Boula Téné, Theodore Mada Keita, holds up the fonio grain Digitaria exilis that helps feed his family in southern Senegal. Boula Tene is a Bedik village of 200 in the southeast of Senegal, Tambacounda region. *

Trees at the edge of a Bedick village.


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* LCCN : sh85012779 * SUDOC : 027832414 * BNF : cb11978927r (data)

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