Bavar-373 (Persian: باور-۳۷۳‎, meaning 'Belief') is an Iranian designed long-range mobile air defense system unveiled in August, 2016.[1] Contents

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History[edit] Bavar missile on parade in Tehran After the Russian ban on exporting S-300 to Iran (which was lifted in 2015), Defense minister Ahmad Vahidi told Iranian media at Sept. 22. 2010 that they will develop a similar domestic system by themselves: "We have planned to build a long-range air defense missile system similar to S-300. By God's grace and by the Iranian engineers' efforts, we will reach self-sufficiency in this regard."[2] It was later revealed that the name of the system will be Bavar 373. Bavar meaning "believe" and 373 which is the Abjad number of prophet Muhammad's name.[3] Farzad Esmaieli, commander of Khatam-ol-Anbia Base told Iranian media that the development of this system started by the direct order of supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei when the first information about cancellation of S-300 contract was revealed and Iranian personnel were still being trained in Russia on it.[4] He said the project was in the stage of prototype designing and that it was not going to suffer from the weak points of the S-300. He continued that in the area of detection and radars, a very good point was reached and defense ministry was working on two or three missiles each for a different range and altitude. He said that the design was complete, all the parts were going to be manufactured inside the country and it had a good ability to detect and intercept enemy aircraft. According to Iranian military sources, the system is much more capable than S-300P class.[5] In November 22, 2011, the first prototype was built.[6] Iran announced that the system was designed and built by defense ministry, domestic industries and some Iranian universities. Esmaieli said that Iran doesn't even think about S-300 anymore as Bavar-373 was much more capable. Iranian sources suggest that the Bavar 373 will be mobile, with four missiles loaded on each mobile truck launcher. The Iranian defense ministry is due to equip the country's Armed Forces with a new long-range air-defense system by March 21, 2013, a senior Iranian military official announced on Saturday August 25, 2012.[7] On 3 September 2012, Farzad Esmaili said that the development of the system was now 30 percent complete.[8] On 1 January 2013, the same commander announced that the sub-systems of the homemade air-defense system are being tested in laboratory.[9] Esmaili updated his estimate in February 2014 and said the system would be ready by the end of 2015.[10] On August 21, 2016 Iran revealed components of long-awaited Bavar-373. According to Janes international: "Bavar-373 displayed on 21 August is clearly a unique Iranian system that appears to reflect extensive investment in its ability to develop phased array radars".[11] The system shows vertical, rectangular launch canister with details suggesting a hot launch system (unlike cold launch used in system such as S-300).

Components[edit] See also: List of military equipment manufactured in Iran In April 2015, Iran unveiled some of Bavar's subsystems, which include the Fakour commanding and smart control system which has the ability to collect information from all sources relevant to air defense, including passive and active military radars (such as the Mersad), signal surveillance, missile systems and commanding and control systems.[12] The Rasoul advanced communications system is for encoding information, connecting the country’s infrastructure and transferring radar information from the battle scene to commanding centers.[12] Bavar-373 will utilize Sayyad-4 missile, which are contained in two rectangular launch canisters. No formal information was given about this missile but it appears from news photos that Sayyad-4 is similar to Sayyad-3 in wings and control surfaces, however it varies lightly in frontal shape.[13] The canisters containing the Sayyad-4 missiles are to be carried on the Zoljanah 10×10 truck.[14][15] Bavar-373 uses a phased array radar for tracking aerodynamic targets and ballistic missiles in medium to long ranges, mounted on the ZAFAR heavy truck.[16] One of the radars used in Bavar-373 is Meraj (Ascension), a phased array radar with range of 450 km which uses fuzzy logic techniques to spot targets.[17] Meraj can track up to 200 targets simultaneously.[18]

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