The Info List - Battle Of Žepče

The Battle of Žepče
was a battle between Army of B&H and HVO in Žepče, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
on the 24th of June 1993. The 319th Mountain Brigade which was located in the city found itself surrounded while other brigade of Army B&H took over high ground around city. Zepce was defended by HVO 111th xp Zepce brigade and Andrija Tadic battalion. After six days of fighting for Zepce, on 30 June Galib Dervisevic agrees to surrender of 305th and 319th Brigade after which brigades ceases to exist. Captured Bosnian soldiers numbered to around 5000. After the battle, and after HVO 'borrowed' several tanks from Bosnian Serb army. HVO launched offensive which enable them to pocket 5 Bosnian brigades from Maglaj to the south of Usora. References[edit]

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