Barnes may refer to:


*Barnes (name), a family name and a given name (includes lists of people with that name)


United Kingdom

*Barnes, London, England **Barnes railway station **Barnes Bridge railway station **Barnes Railway Bridge ** Barnes Hospital, London **Municipal Borough of Barnes (1894 to 1965) * Barnes, Sunderland, England *Barnes Castle, East Lothian, Scotland *Barnes Hall, Sheffield

United States

*Barnes, Kansas *Barnes County, North Dakota *Barnes Creek (Washington), a stream in the State of Washington *Barnes Creek (Wisconsin), a stream in Wisconsin *Barnes Lake (disambiguation)


*Barnes, New South Wales, Australia *Barnes Ice Cap, on Baffin Island, Canada

Other uses

*Barnes Foundation, art museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA *Barnes Hospital, Cheadle, Greater Manchester, England *Barnes–Hut simulation of gravitational forces *Barnes-Jewish Hospital, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA *Barnes Municipal Airport, in Westfield, Massachusetts, USA *Barnes Opening, an opening in chess *Barnes Rugby Football Club, a rugby union club in London *Barnes School, Devlali, India *USS ''Barnes'', several warships

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*Barn *Barne * Justice Barnes (disambiguation) {{disambiguation|geo