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The Banks Peninsula (sometimes Banks' Peninsula) is located on the mainland of Canada's Nunavut
territory. There are no communities on the peninsula, though the hamlet of Bathurst Inlet
Bathurst Inlet
is located close-by, to the south, across the waterway of Bathurst Inlet. The peninsula has an irregular coastline, including a portion bounded by Arctic Sound. Point Wollaston is the northern most geographic feature. The peninsula is one of many landforms named in honour of Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal Society.[1] References[edit]

^ Franklin, John (2004-09-24). "The Journey to the Polar Sea". Bright, Mynors (trans.). Project Gutenberg. pp. August 1. Archived from the original on 2007-10-24. Retrieved 2008-10-14. 

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Photo, 1930, Inuit woman wearing caribou skin parka, Banks Peninsula

Coordinates: 67°15′N 108°30′W / 67.250°N 108.500°W / 67.250; -108.500 (Banks Peninsula)

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