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The terms _BALTIC REGION_, _BALTIC RIM COUNTRIES_, and _BALTIC RIM_ refer to slightly different combinations of countries in the general area surrounding the Baltic Sea .


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The first to name it the _Baltic Sea_ (_"Mare Balticum"_) was eleventh century German chronicler Adam of Bremen .


Depending on the context the _Baltic region_ might stand for:

* The countries that have shorelines along the Baltic Sea: Denmark , Estonia , Latvia , Finland , Germany , Lithuania , Poland , Russia , and Sweden . * The group of countries presently referred to by the shorthand Baltic states : Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. * Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia, exclaved from the remainder of Russia. * Historic East Prussia and the historical lands of Livonia , Courland and Estonia (Swedish Estonia and Russian Estonia ). * The former Baltic governorates of Imperial Russia : Today's Estonia and Latvia (excluding parts of modern Eastern Latvia that were part of Vitebsk Governorate ). * The countries on the historical British trade route through the Baltic Sea, i.e. including the Scandinavian Peninsula ( Sweden and Norway ). * The Council of the Baltic Sea States , comprised by the countries with shorelines along the Baltic Sea, in addition to Norway , Iceland and the rest of European Union . * The islands of the Euroregion B7 Baltic Islands Network , which includes the islands and archipelagos Åland (autonomous), Bornholm ( Denmark ), Gotland ( Sweden ), Hiiumaa (Estonia), Öland ( Sweden ), Rügen ( Germany ), and Saaremaa (Estonia). * On historic Scandinavian and German maps, the _Balticum_ sometimes includes only the historically or culturally German-dominated lands, or provinces, of Estonia, Livonia , Courland and Latgale (corresponding to modern Estonia and Latvia), as well as sometimes Pomerania , Kashubia and East Prussia , while the historically less-Germanized Lithuania is occasionally excluded.


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