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The Balinese language has an elaborate decimal numeral system.


The numerals 1–10 have basic, combining, and independent forms, many of which are formed through reduplication . The combining forms are used to form higher numbers. In some cases there is more than one word for a numeral, reflecting the Balinese register system; _halus_ (high-register) forms are listed in italics.

Final orthographic _-a_ is a schwa .


1 besik a-, sa-* abesik, aukud


2 dua duang- dadua

_kalih_ _kalih-_ _kakalih_

3 telu telung- tetelu

_tiga_ _tigang-_ _tetiga_

4 (em)pat petang- pa(t)pat

5 lima limang- lelima

6 (e)nem nem- ne(m)nem

7 pitu pitung- pepitu

8 (a)kutus kutus-, ulung- akutus

9 (a)sia sia-, sangang- Asia

10 (a)dasa dasa- adasa

* A less productive combining form of _a-_ 1 is _sa-_, as can be seen in many of the numbers below. It, _ulung-_, and _sangang-_ are from Javanese . _Dasa_ 10 is from Sankrit _désa_.


Like English, Balinese has compound forms for the teens and tens; however, it also has a series of compound 'tweens', 21–29. The teens are based on a root _*-welas_, the tweens on _-likur_, and the tens are formed by the combining forms above. Hyphens are not used in the orthography, but have been added to the table below to clarify their derivation.


1 solas 11 se-likur 21 (a-dasa 10)

2 rolas 12 dua-likur 22 duang-dasa 20

_kalih-likur_ _kalih-dasa_

3 telu-las 13 telu-likur 23 telung-dasa 30

_tigang-likur_ _tigang-dasa_

4 pat-belas 14 pat-likur 24 petang-dasa 40

5 lim-olas 15 salaé 25 seket 50

6 nem-belas 16 nem-likur 26 nem-dasa 60

7 pitu-las 17 pitu-likur 27 pitung-dasa 70

8 pelekutus 18 ulu-likur 28 kutus-dasa, ulung-dasa 80

9 siang-olas 19 sanga-likur 29 sia-dasa, sangang-dasa 90

The high-register combining forms _kalih-_ 2 and _tigang-_ 3 are used with _-likur, -dasa,_ and higher numerals (below), but not for the teens.

The teens are from Javanese, where the _-olas_ forms are regular, apart from _pele-kutus_ 18, which is suppletive . _Sa-laé_ 25 (one thread ), and _se-ket_ 50 (one tie ) are also suppletive, and cognate with Javanese _səlawé_ 25 and _səkət_ 50.

There are additional numerals _pasasur ~ sasur_ 35 and _se-timahan ~ se-timan_ 45 (one opium packet ), and a compound _telung-benang_ (three threads ) for 75.


The unit combining forms are combined with _atus_ 100, _atak_ 200, _amas_ 400, _tali_ 1000, _laksa_ 10,000, _keti_ 100,000, and _yuta_ 1,000,000 as they do with _dasa_ 10:

100 s-atus

200 s-atak

300 telung-atus _(tigang-atus)_

400 s-amas

500 limang-atus

600 telung-atak _(tigang-atak)_

700 pitung-atus

800 domas ( ← *dua-amas or *ro-amas)

900 sanga

1000 siu

1200 (e)nem-bangsit

2000 duang-tali _(kalih-tali)_

1,000,000 a-yuta

_Atak_ is a 'bundle' (of 200 coins) and _amas_ is 'gold' (a gold coin being worth 400 copper coins). In addition, there is _karobelah_ 150, _lebak_ 175, and _sepa_ (one _pa_?) for 1600. At least _karobelah_ has a cognate in Javanese, _ro-bəlah_, where _ro-_ is the short form for two (as in _rolas_ 12). Retrieved from "https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Balinese_numerals additional terms may apply. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy .® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. , a non-profit organization.

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