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Baby Face Harrington
Baby Face Harrington
is a 1935 American comedy film directed by Raoul Walsh and written by Nunnally Johnson, Edwin H. Knopf and Charles Lederer. The film stars Charles Butterworth, Una Merkel, Harvey Stephens, Eugene Pallette
Eugene Pallette
and Nat Pendleton. The film was released on April 12, 1935, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.[3][4]


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Plot[edit] Millicent (Una Merkel) wants her husband Willie (Charles Butterworth) to make a success of himself, the way her old beau Ronald (Harvey Stephens) did. In the belief what she wants most is money, Willie cashes in a life-insurance policy in exchange for $2,000 in cash, which he promptly loses. When he sees real-estate agent Skinner (Donald Meek) with that much money, not long after having spoken with him, Willie knows who's robbed him. Meanwhile, a professional thief, Rocky Banister (Nat Pendleton), is terrifying everyone in town with his daring robberies, worrying Millicent so much that she keeps a gun nearby. Borrowing the gun, Willie confronts Skinner and takes the $2,000. When he returns home, Willie discovers that his money has been in his wallet all along. Before he can return it to Skinner and apologize, Rocky breaks in and steals all $4,000. Willie is accused of being an accomplice of Rocky's and sent to jail. During a breakout, Willie manages to leave a note behind for the police, who catch up just in time to apprehend Rocky and proclaim Willie a hero. Cast[edit]

Charles Butterworth as Willie Una Merkel
Una Merkel
as Millicent Harvey Stephens
Harvey Stephens
as Ronald Eugene Pallette
Eugene Pallette
as Uncle Henry Nat Pendleton
Nat Pendleton
as Rocky Ruth Selwyn as Dorothy Donald Meek
Donald Meek
as Skinner Dorothy Libaire as Edith Edward Nugent
Edward Nugent
as Albert Robert Livingston as George Stanley Fields as Mullens Raymond Brown as McGuire Wade Boteler
Wade Boteler
as Glynn Bradley Page as Dave Richard Carle
Richard Carle
as Judge Forbes G. Pat Collins as Hank Claude Gillingwater as Colton


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Baby Face Harrington
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Baby Face Harrington
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