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BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Maritime - Submarines



Industry Defence Shipbuilding Marine engineering

Founded March 2003

Headquarters Barrow-in-Furness, England

Key people

John Hudson (Managing Director Mar 2009- Sept 2013) Murray Easton CBE (Managing Director 2003-2009)

Products Submarines

Services Submarine
design Submarine

Number of employees

Approximately 7,500

Parent BAE Systems

Website www.baesystems.com

BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Maritime - Submarines' 25,000m² Devonshire Dock Hall indoor shipbuilding complex, the largest of its kind in Europe.

BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Maritime – Submarines, known as BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Submarine Solutions until January 2012, is a wholly owned subsidiary of BAE Systems, based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England, and is responsible for the development and production of submarines. It operates one of the few shipyards in the world capable of designing and building nuclear submarines, which has constructed all but three of the Royal Navy's nuclear-powered submarines since the commissioning of HMS Dreadnought in 1963. The exceptions were HMS Conqueror, HMS Renown and HMS Revenge, which were built by Cammell Laird. The Barrow-in-Furness
shipyard has also been building submarines since Abdül Hamid was launched for the Ottoman Navy in 1886 and the Holland-class submarines for the Royal Navy
Royal Navy
were launched in 1901. The shipyard was formerly operated by Vickers Shipbuilding
and Engineering (VSEL). Upon the creation of BAE Systems
BAE Systems
in 1999, the submarine division became part of BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Marine. As part of BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Marine, the yard constructed surface ships, such as the Albion-class landing platform docks. In 2003 however the company was split into BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Submarines and BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Naval Ships, with Barrow ceasing surface ship construction. Since its completion in 1986, submarines at Barrow are constructed inside the Devonshire Dock Hall
Devonshire Dock Hall
(DDH). The company is currently constructing the Astute-class submarines, a new generation nuclear attack submarine (SSN) for the Royal Navy, the first of which was launched on 8 June 2007.[1] The order for the initial batch of three ships was placed in 1997, with Marconi Marine (VSEL), which was absorbed into BAE Systems
BAE Systems
in 1999. BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines is also currently studying the design of a new class of ballistic missile submarines. See also[edit]

Port of Barrow List of ships and submarines built in Barrow-in-Furness


^ New UK nuclear submarine launched

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BAE Systems
BAE Systems

Subsidiaries and divisions

BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Australia BAE Systems
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India BAE Systems
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Saudi Arabia Intelligence & Security Maritime Services Maritime - Naval Ships Maritime - Submarines Military Air & Information Regional Aircraft Support Solutions BAE Systems
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Electronics, Intelligence & Support Land & Armaments Southeast Shipyards

Joint ventures

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş.
FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş.
(49%) Air Astana
Air Astana
(49%) Eurofighter GmbH (33%) MBDA
(37.5%) CTA International
CTA International


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