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Arts and entertainment[edit]

BS-, a prefix for all games broadcast for the Satellaview
modem via the Japanese Broadcasting Satellite system Team BS, French music collective founded by La Fouine that includes Fababy, Sultan and Sindy NHK's satellite broadcaster mark, NHK-BS Backstage (magazine) Baritone saxophone, a musical instrument Bullshit (card game), a card game

Businesses and organizations[edit]

Banco Santander, a bank headquartered in Spain Beijing Subway, a transit system BellSouth, a United States telephone company Biuro Szyfrów
Biuro Szyfrów
("Cipher Bureau"), a Polish government agency that solved the Enigma machine Boy Scouts; see scouting British International Helicopters
British International Helicopters
(IATA code BS) British Shipbuilders, a public corporation founded 1977 British Standards, produced by BSI Group British Sugar, a private company

In finance[edit]

Balance sheet, in financial accounting Venezuelan bolívar, currency of Venezuela, often referring to the older currency, prior to revaluation in 2008 Venezuelan bolívar
Venezuelan bolívar
fuerte, currency of Venezuela since 1 January 2008 (fuerte being Spanish for "strong") Bolivian boliviano, currency of Bolivia


BS postcode area, in Bristol, England The Bahamas, by ISO 2-letter country code

.bs, country-code Top Level Domain for the Bahamas

Banská Štiavnica, a city in Slovakia with the vehicle registration plate BS Basel-Stadt, a Swiss canton, officially abbreviated to BS Beersheba
or Be'er Sheva (Hebrew: בְּאֵר שֶׁבַע‬), a city in the Southern District of Israel Braunschweig, a town in Germany, also known in English as Brunswick, with the vehicle registration plate BS Brescia, a city and province of Italy with the vehicle registration plate BS Suwałki, a city in Poland with the vehicle registration plate BS

In science and technology[edit] Computing and telecommunications[edit]

Backspace, and the backspace control character in the C0 control code set Base transceiver station, or base station, a node in a mobile telephony network BASIC
or cy BASIC
programming languages, by file extension Bubble sort, a sorting algorithm Boot sector, a memory region containing machine code, generally used for booting an operating system BotServ, an IRC bot server BraveSentry, a clone of the SpySheriff malware program Broadcasting Satellite (Japanese), a system of Japanese communication satellites


Bachelor of Surgery, an academic degree Bernard-Soulier syndrome, a rare autosomal recessive coagulopathy, that is caused a deficiency of glycoprotein Ib

Other uses in science and technology[edit]

Bachelor of Science, an academic degree Behavioural sciences Brake specific fuel consumption, a measure of engine fuel efficiency Bright Star Catalogue, which lists all stars of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter

In sport[edit]

British Showjumping, the governing body for showjumping in Great Britain Blocked Shot, in basketball statistics, see Block (basketball) Blown Save, in baseball statistics, see Save (baseball)

Other uses[edit]

Bullshit, a phrase denoting something worthless Bengali Sambat, used to mark years in the Bengali calendar Big Sister (other) Bikram Sambat, a calendar used in Nepal Bosnian language
Bosnian language
(ISO 639 alpha-2 code bs) Broad Street (other) Bronze Star Medal, a United States military award Ordo Basilianus Ssmi Salvatoris Melkitarum (Institute of Consecrated Life), a Roman Catholic monastic Order

See also[edit]

B (other), where "Bs" may refer to the plural of "B"

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