Bò bảy món, on menus often "Bò 7 món" (literally "seven courses of beef" in Vietnamese) is a set selection of beef dishes in Vietnamese cuisine. Multi-course meals such as Bò 7 món are representative of higher-end Vietnamese cuisine.[1]


Usually, ground beef rolled into balls or formed into pieces will be grilled. Typical dishes, from first to last course are:

  1. Gỏi bò: a salad made with pickled carrot, pickled daikon, and celery salad with thin strips of beef in nước mắm (fish sauce)
  2. Bò chả đùm: Steamed ground beef patties served with shrimp chips
  3. Bò nhúng dấm: Raw slices of beef to be cooked in a vinegared fondue[2]
  4. Bò nướng mỡ chài: Sausages made from grilled ground beef wrapped in caul fat casing
  5. Bò lá lốt: Grilled ground beef wrapped in a Lolot leaf (very similar to a grape leaf)
  6. Bò nướng hành: Grilled strips of beef rolled around a piece of scallion
  7. Cháo Bò: Beef congee

The cooked beef portions are then wrapped (by the individual eating it) with rice paper, a variety of herbs (rau sống), lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots and then dipped in mắm nêm. This slightly chunky sauce is made with anchovies and has a sweet and tangy flavor, due to the pineapple that is often added to achieve sweetness. This sauce is much more pungent in flavor than its cousin, nước mắm (fish sauce), and is not homogenized, allowing the textures of the original ingredients to characterize the sauce. A similar but less popular multi-course meal is the Cá 7 Món (literally "seven courses of fish").

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