Ayr (Somali: Cayr or Somali: Ceyr), Muhammad Madarkicis Hiraab is a Somali clan, part of the larger Habargidir Hawiye clan. Members primarily inhabit the Galgaduud and Mudug regions. They also inhabit parts of Somali Region, Lower Shebelle, Sool and Hiran, Somalia region especially Matabaan district.


Ayr is the oldest son of Madarkicis Hiraab Madable, Raaray Gidir Karanle was the wife of Madarkicis Hiraab Madable, She is the mother of Sacad and Saleeban, sons of Madarkicis Hiraab Madable, Brothers of Ayr and Saruur ( Ibrahim ). Madarkicis brought his two orphaned sons from his previous wife Asha Karshe Mohamed (Ayr and Saruur) to Raaray's house to be cared for and raised by her as she would her own. She is even said to have breastfed them like her own sons. Madarkicis loved Gidir and blessed her so that his family and sons might inherit her name. And that is how now his lineage is more widely known as Habar Gidir. "Habar" meaning in Somali as an elder lady or elderly women of the house hold. Also, Madarkicis' younger brother Maxamud son of Hiraab (nicknamed Duduble) who lived and was closely associated with the Madarkicis family house hold is sometimes grouped with his nephew's clan name of Habar Gidir, even though he is their uncle in reality.

Economic investment

Ayr clan is counted as the first to return economic industries, essential services and much more in Somalia after the collapse of Siad Barre's Dictatorship especially the capital city. few of The Economic industries they brought back was food industries, Electronics industry. They also brought back telecommunications such as NationLink Telecom, Telcom and much more.


The clan has many media outlets such as HornAfrik Media Inc, Shabelle Media Network, Capital Voice, STN television and many more.

Clan tree

Ali Jimale Ahmed outlines the Hawiye clan genealogical tree in The Invention of Somalia:[1]

  • Samaale
    • Irir
      • Hawiye
        • Gugundhabe
          • Baadicade
        • Gorgate
          • Hiraab
            • Mudulood
              • Abgaal
                • Harti
                  • Angonyar
                  • Warsangeli
                  • Abokor
                • Wabudhan
                  • Da'oud
                  • Rer Mattan
                  • Mohamed Muse
                • Wa'esli
              • Wacdaan
              • Moobleen
              • Ujajeen
            • Duduble
            • Habar Gidir
              • Sacad
              • Saleebaan
              • Ayr
              • Saruur

Prominent figures

• Abdi xaaji Gobdoon, senior journalist