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AYMAN (Arabic : أيمن‎‎, also spelled AYEMANN, AIMEN, AIMAN or AYMEN) is a male name of Arabic origin. It is derived from the Arabic Semitic root (ي م ن) for _right_, and literally means _righteous_ or _he who is on the right_, similar to the Latin name Dexter . It also means _right-handed_, _blessed_ and _lucky_. In Pakistan
, unlike the Arab countries, Ayman is used both as a masculine and feminine name. This is because of confusion related to popular Islamic woman figure "Umm-e-Ayman", which parents name their daughter after. However "Umm" means _mother_ of, and Ayman was her son. It is also agreed upon by all Arabic and Islamic language scholars to be a masculine name.


* Ayman Abdelaziz , Egyptian footballer * Aymen Abdennour , Tunisian footballer * Ayman Adais , Jordanian basketball player * Ayman al-Fayed , Palestinian commander of al-Quds Brigades * Ayman Al-Hindi , Palestinian footballer * Ayman al-Zawahiri , Egyptian and current leader of al-Qaeda * Ayman Ashraf , Egyptian footballer * Aymen Belaïd , French-born Tunisian footballer * Aymen Bouchhioua , Tunisian footballer * Ayman Halawani , Saudi film producer * Aymen Mathlouthi , Tunisian footballer * Ayman Mohyeldin , Egyptian-American journalist for NBC News , formerly worked for Al Jazeera and CNN * Ayman Nour , Egyptian politician and former member of parliament, founder and chairman of El Ghad party * Ayman Odeh , Paletinian politician * Ayman Saeed Abdullah Batarfi , Yemeni doctor and former Guantanamo Bay detainee * Aymen Tahar , British footballer of Algerian descent, * Ayman Taher , Egyptian former goalkeeper * Ayman Zeidan , Syrian TV host, comedian, voice actor and actor of film, television, and theater * Ayman Zohry , Egyptian demographer/geographer and expert on migration studies * Ayman Aqil , Moroccan boy/computers Expert.


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