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Ashikaga Yoshikatsu
Ashikaga Yoshikatsu
(足利 義勝, March 19, 1434 – August 16, 1443) was the 7th shōgun of the Ashikaga shogunate
Ashikaga shogunate
who reigned from 1442 to 1443 during the Muromachi period
Muromachi period
of Japan. Yoshikatsu was the son of 6th shōgun Ashikaga Yoshinori
Ashikaga Yoshinori
with his concubine, Hino Shigeko (1411–1463).[1] His childhood name was Chiyachamaru (千也茶丸). Significant events which shaped the period during which Yoshikatsu was shōgun:[2]

July 12, 1441 ( Kakitsu
1, 24th day of the 6th month): Shōgun Yoshinori is murdered at the age of 48 by Akamatsu Mitsusuke; and shortly thereafter, it is determined that his 8-year-old son, Yoshikatsu, will become the new shōgun.[3] 1442 ( Kakitsu
2): Yoshikatsu is confirmed as shōgun.[2] August 16, 1443 ( Kakitsu
3, 21 day of the 7th month): Shōgun Yoshikatsu died at the age of 10. Fond of horse riding, he was fatally injured in a fall from a horse. He had been shogun for only three years. His 8-year-old brother, Yoshinari, was then named shōgun.[4] Several years after he became shogun, Yoshinari changed his name to Yoshimasa, and he is better known by that name.[5]


1 Era of Yoshikatsu's bakufu 2 See also 3 Notes 4 References

Era of Yoshikatsu's bakufu[edit] The years in which Yoshikatsu was shōgun are more specifically identified by only one era name or nengō.[6]


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East Asian age reckoning


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Isaac Titsingh
and Japan, 1779–1822, p. 234 n.10 – Yoshinori (1394–1441) = 48yrs. and Yoshikatsu (1434–1443) = 8yrs. In this period, "children were considered one year old at birth and became two the following New Year's Day; and all people advanced a year that day, not on their actual birthday." ^ Titsingh, p. 342., p. 342, at Google Books ^ Titsingh, p. 346., p. 346, at Google Books ^ Titsingh, pp. 331–342., p. 331, at Google Books


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Preceded by Ashikaga Yoshinori Shōgun: Ashikaga Yoshikatsu 1442–1443 Succeeded by Ashikaga Yoshimasa

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Ashikaga family tree

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Takauji (1) 1305–1338–1358

Yoshiakira(2) 1330–1358-1367–1368

Yoshimitsu(3) 1358–1367-1395–1408

Yoshimochi(4) 1386–1395-1423–1428

Yoshikazu(5) 1407–1423–1425

Yoshinori(6) 1394–1428–1441

Yoshikatsu(7) 1433–1442–1443

Masatomo 1435–1491

Yoshimasa(8)[i][ii] 1435–1449-1474–1490

Yoshimi 1439–1491

Yoshizumi(11)[i] 1478–1493-1508–1513

Yoshihisa(9)[i] 1465–1474–1489

Yoshitane(10)[i] 1465–1490-1493+1508-1521–1522

Yoshiharu(12) 1510–1521-1545–1550

Yoshitsuna 1509–1573

Yoshiteru(13) 1535–1545–1565

Yoshiaki(15) 1537–1568-1573–1597

Yoshihide(14) 1538–1564–1568


^ a b c d Yoshimasa's successors were Yoshihisa (son), Yoshitane (first adopted son) and Yoshizumi (second adopted son) ^ The broken lines indicate adoptions within the shogunal clan

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Chronology, dates and paternity of the Ashikaga shōguns




Son of

1st Takauji 1305–1358 1338–1358 Sadauji

2nd Yoshiakira 1330–1368 1358–1367 Takauji

3rd Yoshimitsu 1358–1408 1367–1395 Yoshiakira

4th Yoshimochi 1386–1428 1395–1423 Yoshimitsu

5th Yoshikazu 1407–1425 1423–1425 Yoshimochi

6th Yoshinori 1394–1441 1428–1441 Yoshimitsu

7th Yoshikatsu 1433–1443 1442–1443 Yoshinori

8th Yoshimasa 1435–1490 1449–1474 Yoshinori




Son of

  9th Yoshihisa 1465–1489 1474–1489 Yoshimasa

10th Yoshitane 1465–1522

1490–1493 1508–1521


11th Yoshizumi 1478–1513 1493–1508 Masatomo

12th Yoshiharu 1510–1550 1521–1545 Yoshizumi

13th Yoshiteru 1535–1565 1545–1565 Yoshiharu

14th Yosihide 1538–1568 1564–1568 Yoshitsuna

15th Yoshiaki 1537–1597 1568–1573 Yoshiharu

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