The Asharaf or Ashraf or Asheraf is a Somali clan of Arab origin.[1] The Asharaf who are a religious minority in Somalia are believed to be descendants of the daughter of the prophet Muhammed. The Asharaf just like the Sheekhaal (another religious minority clan) tend to identify with the dominant clan in the area in which they settle, for example: the Rahanweyn , Reer Hamar (Banaadiri), and Ogaden clan. [2][3]

Clan Tree

The Asharaf clan tree according to Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.[2]

The Asharaf clan structure is based on Fatima's 2 sons:

  • Asharaf
    • Hussein (Bin Hussein)
      • Reer Shariif Magbuul (or Reer Shariif Magbuull)
      • Sharif Ahmed
      • Sharif Balawi (Alawi
    • Hassan (Bin Hassan)
      • Mohamed Sharif (or Mohammed Sharif)
      • Sharif Ali
      • Sharif Ahmed
      • Ashraf Sarman

Notable figures


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