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The ''Arts & Humanities Citation Index'' (A&HCI), also known as ''Arts & Humanities Search'', is a
citation index A citation index is a kind of bibliographic index A bibliographic index is a bibliography intended to help find a publication. Citations are usually listed by author and subject in separate sections, or in a single alphabetical sequence under a ...
, with abstracting and indexing for more than 1,700 arts and humanities journals, and coverage of disciplines that includes social and natural science journals. Part of this database is derived from
Current Contents ''Current Contents'' is a rapid alerting service database from Clarivate Analytics, formerly the Institute for Scientific Information and Thomson Reuters. It is published online and in several different printed subject sections. History ''Curren ...
records. Furthermore, the print counterpart is Current Contents. Subjects covered are the Arts, Humanities, Language (including Linguistics), Poetry, Music, Classical works, History, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Archaeology, Architecture, Religion, Television, Theater, and Radio. Available citation (source) coverage includes articles, letters, editorials, meeting abstracts, errata, poems, short stories, plays, music scores, excerpts from books, chronologies, bibliographies and filmographies, as well as citations to reviews of books, films, music, and theatrical performances. This database can be accessed online through ''
Web of Science Web of Science (WoS; previously known as Web of Knowledge) is a website that provides subscription-based access to multiple databases that provide comprehensive citation data for many different academic discipline An academic discipline or aca ...
''. It provides access to current and retrospective bibliographic information and cited references. It also covers individually selected, relevant items from approximately 1,200 titles, mostly arts and humanities journals but with an unspecified number of titles from other disciplines. According to Thomson Reuters, the ''Arts & Humanities Search'', can be accessed via Dialog, DataStar, and OCLC, with weekly updates and backfiles to 1980. Description of Arts & Humanities Search. Description of Web of Science coverage. See the page entitled "Tech Specs" Scholar Rainer Enrique Hamel has criticized the Arts & Humanities Citation Index for its poor reflection of scientific production in languages other than English. Also while analyzing solely content in Spanish of 2006 Hamel found the absurd situation that in the index there were more Spanish-language publications from authors based in the United States than from any other Spanish-language country.


The index was originally developed by the
Institute for Scientific Information The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) was an academic publishing service, founded by Eugene Garfield in Philadelphia in 1956. ISI offered scientometric and bibliographic database services. Its specialty was citation indexing and analysis, ...
, which was later acquired by
Thomson ScientificThomson Scientific was one of the five operating divisions of The Thomson Corporation The Thomson Corporation was one of the world's largest information companies. It was established in 1989 following a merger between International Thomson Organis ...
. It is now published by
Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters Corporation () is a Canadian-American . The company was founded in , , Canada, where it is headquartered at the . Thomson Reuters was created by the 's purchase of the British company in April 2008 and is majority owned ...
' IP & Science division.


* Archaeology * Architecture * Art * Asian Studies * Classics * Cultural studies * Dance * Film, Radio, Television * Folklore * History * History & Philosophy Of Science * Humanities, Multidisciplinary * Language & Linguistics * Literary Reviews * Literary Theory & Criticism * Literature * Literature, African, Australian, Canadian * Literature, American * Literature, British Isles * Literature, German, Dutch, Scandinavian * Literature, Romance * Literature, Slavic * Medieval & Renaissance Studies * Music * Philosophy * Poetry * Religion * Theater

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