The Info List - Armes Prydain

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ARMES PRYDEIN (Welsh pronunciation: , The Prophecy of Britain) is an early 10th-century Welsh prophetic poem from the Book of Taliesin
Book of Taliesin

In a rousing style characteristic of Welsh heroic poetry, it describes a future where all of Brythonic peoples are allied with the Scots , the Irish , and the Vikings
of Dublin under Welsh leadership, and together succeed in driving the Anglo-Saxons
from Britain forever. Leaders of such ventures are always given names in heroic poetry, and in this case they are said to be Cadwallon and Cadwaladr, implicitly inviting the audience to connect them with two famous leaders from the distant past, Cadwallon ap Cadfan
Cadwallon ap Cadfan
and Cadwaladr ap Cadwallon . The inclusion of the non-Celtic Vikings
and the non-Brythonic Scots and Irish as full allies in a Welsh traditional poem is a remarkable oddity.

The poem is commonly described as an expression of Welsh frustration with the pragmatic, peaceful policies of Hywel Dda